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If traders use investor simulators, they are in on real money which can be withdrawn upon trade turnover. Leverage increases income and risks by a certain number of times. Such is a tell-tale sign of a possibly legitimate broker. As already mentioned, some companies buy assets and sell them to traders directly. This also does not point to the company being a scammer.

How to create an account on LimeFX

Below, you will find some general pros and cons of this company. Many people want to explain why Forex is a scam. Yet, they cannot do so because it can depend on their choice of broker.


However, this fact increases the probability that this can negatively impact traders because of a huge conflict of interest. Brokers may establish honesty at times like these because most traders have a wrong approach in making orders. Dealers also gain profit even when a certain part of traders are successful. A tool protecting beginners from potential losses, LimeFX’s Investor Simulator is an improved and fortified Demo Account (also offered by LimeFX).

Customer Support Service At LimeFX

It is interesting to note that there also are a lot of blogs that write paid reviews about services. We managed to find many websites that promote similar slander. Traders need to go to the site, register, and make a deposit. After this, trading can already commence. An efficient internet connection is an excellent consideration as every delay costs traders money. While the lack of regulation is relatively seldom, traders need to pay close attention if a broker is not sanction by reliable authorities.


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The myth was born out of a trader’s low level of understanding of the industry. Trading and gambling tend to look similar, but they are completely different processes. When a person gambles, guessing, sheer luck plays into the process. The result simply does not depend on the gambler.

While it does not automatically mean the broker is a scammer, if connected with other signs, traders should be cautious. Order processing begins when traders open a position and finishes when said position is closed. All user funds are saved on a separate account in leading world banks. Such guarantees traders protection from potential losses incurred should traders encounter brokers who are out to steal their money. STP technology renders disinterest and magnifies brokers’ care for clients. These pertain to companies who purchase financial assets to sell them to traders at a price established by them.

I don’t want to work with such annoying managers. The minimum deposit is high for many. Also, there isn’t a mobile application.

If a trader makes money, the funds may either be withdrawn or saved by the trader. If a trader loses, LimeFX returns and allows traders to reinvest them to attempt another trading. LimeFX’s Investor Simulator combines all advantages the demo and real, live accounts boast. Traders are protected as they are with a Demo Account. Additionally, they are given an opportunity to have real profit as if it were in a real account. The foregoing reviews prove that LimeFX is not, in any way, a fraud.

Traders presuppose the direction of the price movement of a certain asset like stocks, currency, cryptocurrency, and the like. If the predictions are correct, the trader gets a certain part of the investments (about 70-80%). If the traders lose, then it is a permanent loss. This company not only proposes traders to trade Forex assets. Traders may opt to become Binary Options traders. Financial instruments of the sort are riskier, and if the trader is a beginner, it is advised that he does not delve into the asset.

When dealers lose, setting the price at any level is at their discretion. While dealers are not scammers, this throws the reliability of certain companies. It is recommendable not to collaborate with such intermediaries. Reviews can help us understand the advantages and disadvantages of the LimeFX Forex broker and ensure that it is not a scam. Usually, people say certain brokers are scammers, if these really are. LimeFX is an online platform for working in the financial markets.

  1. LimeFX’s most expensive account type requires $50,000 as a first deposit after registration on the site.
  2. According to the withdrawal terms, the company sets an additional commission of 5% if the Client has completed less than five independent transactions.
  3. After that, you can make a conclusion yourself.
  4. Before its brokerage business, LimeFX created robots for automated trading.
  5. The logic behind STP technology is easy to understand.

These can affect the price but only within a narrow range. The second one, of course, is the broker. In comparison to dealers, brokers are seen as more reliable. Brokers get information about the price from market makers like big banks and other subjects who create the market. We know of two types of intermediaries in any financial market. Many people cluck their tongues and shake their already made-up heads when the topic of LimeFX crosses their path. provides more than 180 different assets. Traders who want further market understanding can use automatic indicators. LimeFX Gold accounts provide a personal analyst along with a 30-minute review once a week. Let us look at the facts stated in these LimeFX Customer reviews. These are significant to us if we want to ascertain the reliability of this company. Traders can use it from any computer from different points of the world.

I have been trading with this broker for 6 months and I can now share my opinion. I liked the investor simulator and polite customer support. Some people say that managers are annoying, but I can’t say this. What I am not satisfied with is such a high minimum deposit. It would be better if it was smaller. Also, I am not satisfied with the web mobile platform.


In LimeFX’s case, it had been given the green light. Through the indicators LimeFX provides, traders, can understand real market behavior better. Bollinger Bands and Moving Average step up to the cause.




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